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Italy – HQ






Our constant contact and closeness with the Italian headquarters allows us to cooperate in a synergic and complete manner, in order to deliver fast, tailor-made solutions for all our client’s needs.

Specializing in robot programming, MO.S.A.I.C. Serbia offers a precise approach to meet even the highest of expectations.

Furthermore, our skilled personnel will help your company reach its highest potential and implement robots in your team in order to perform increasingly complex functions in an extremely precise way.

Robots would be useless without our expertise, which enables us to help companies drastically reduce their expenses, while increasing their productivity.

All this, by taking care of the ordinary robot maintenance and reducing company costs with a business-oriented payback which shows its beneficial results in time.

Our help in companies introduces them into an otherwise unknown system, made up of continuous innovation and representing an undoubted advantage for companies, of any size and type.